Are You Suffering From Neck Pain in St Paul MN?

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Neck pain is a common issue that may affect anyone, regardless of their age. The neck area is very delicate and may easily hurt. Neck pain may go away after a few days or may last for several months.

You do not have any reason to live with frustrating neck pains. At Capitol Health and Injury Center, we will examine you, diagnose what you are experiencing, and develop a treatment plan that will not only alleviate your pain but also treat its cause. Our St Paul MN Chiropractor is committed to restoring your health to help you lead a normal, comfortable life.

Neck Pain Symptoms in St Paul MN

When suffering from neck pain, you may experience some of these signs.

  • Difficulties in moving your head
  • Muscle tightness
  • Stiff neck
  • Sharp, stabbing pains
  • Soreness in the neck area
  • Inability to lift objects

What Causes Neck Pain

The neck supports the head and moves often. The weight of the head, which puts stress on the neck, and frequency of mobility make this area highly susceptible to injuries. Neck pain can be caused by the following.

  • Poor posture
  • Sport injuries
  • Car injuries
  • Vertebrae misalignment
  • Lifting objects incorrectly

How to Treat Mild Neck Pain at Home

If your pain is not severe, some home remedies can be of great help in easing neck pain. These include

  • Taking off days from sports and workouts.
  • Taking pain relievers
  • Applying ice on the affected areas
  • Maintaining a good posture when sitting or standing

When suffering from neck pains, it might be difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Sleeping on your back will be more comfortable than other positions. Cushion your head using a pillow. Avoid sleeping in an awkward position like sleeping on your stomach, since that can cause neck pains or worsen them. Avoid stiff pillows as they flex your neck.

Neck Pain Chiropractic Diagnosis and Treatment

When you visit a chiropractor, they will examine your neck and ask you more about your medical history. This helps in the identification of the cause of the pain. The chiropractor might even recommend an imaging test such as an x-ray to assess your posture better. They then come up with the best neck pain treatment approach specifically made for you to ease the symptoms and treat the condition.

The treatment period differs from one individual to the other, largely depending on the pain's cause. No matter the technique used, chiropractic care is a treatment option that has been shown to be effective for neck pain. The best thing is that it is drug-free and non-invasive; it activates the body's self-healing abilities, allowing you to get better naturally.

Get Neck Pain Treatment from Capitol Health and Injury Center

If you have been living with neck pain for a long time, you understand how uncomfortable and life-changing it is. At Capitol Health & Injury Center in Saint Paul, MN, we offer a holistic chiropractic approach to address your pain and improve your way of life. Reach us at (651) 771-2012 to ask more about our services or to book an appointment.


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