Chiropractor St Paul MN Jeremy Hurkman Adjusting Patient With Low Back Pain

Your lower back involves the part of your spine that typically takes on the greatest load and pressure in a regular day. From bending to twisting to lifting, the lower back is a powerhouse of capability and movement, but when that system starts to fail, the pain can range from annoying to debilitating. The lower back is also a major connection point for the lower and upper skeletal system and muscle network, so when it goes down so does the rest of you. If you are experiencing lower back pain and are considering chiropractic care in St Paul MN for relief, contact Capitol Health and Injury Center.

What Causes Lower Back Pain in St Paul MN?

The causes of lower back pain vary but they frequently fall into the most common categories that include age and age-related loss of strength and structure, over-exertion, sickness, posture and acute injury. The first four occur due to changes over time or a lack of exercise while the last one is due to sudden trauma. Fortunately, the majority of lower back pain cases can be resolved with full recovery. Some of it may require life-behavior changes however to insure the injury doesn’t occur again.

The actual damage that occurs can vary greatly with lower back pain. Some injuries are just a dull pain sensation as a muscle complains from being pulled or strained. Others can be acute, with sharp, life-stopping sensations literally immobilizing patients without pain relief help. Because cases vary so much, they fall into categories of treatment ranging from simply ice packs to surgery. No surprise then, any serious lower back pain should be discussed with a doctor and examined professionally to be sure of the cause.

Be Ready for Change

Patients should be open to changing the way they live if chronic lower back pain is related to work and what they do. Jobs involving heavy lifting or exertion may need to change if the patient’s back can no longer handle the demand. Folks suffering from back injuries due to their bags or the way they sit for hours can also require conscientious changes to what patients have been used to for years. In some cases, weight loss may be needed to relieve the back from its strain as well. Again, a doctor is going to be able to determine best what path a patient should take but, in the meantime, folks should try to avoid the activities most likely to trigger more pain again.

Take Control of the Pain

If you’re in the Saint Paul area and dealing with back pain that just doesn’t seem to go away after a day or two of rest, there may be a deeper, underlying issue involved. A professional chiropractor can help, evaluating what’s actually going on with your lower spine alignment and your regular activities. The expert folks at Capitol Health & Injury Center can help, providing a full review and spine diagnosis as to the strain your back might be under. Why live with pain day in day out? Do something about improving your life and give Capitol Health & Injury Center a call today at (651) 771-2012.


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